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Dear Depression: Written by Natalie Cadét TinyTot Music ASCAP     back to My Journey

Smoke and Ashes,
Alcohol and drugs;
Though my lips have never tasted,
Still an addict, and I’m wasted inside.
Broke and in pieces,
You take me in and, you start pimping me;
Till I’m burdened with guilt and heartache, and I’m running away.
But I keep running right into you.
Here is goodbye cause I am through!
Who says that I owe you?
Who says you own me?
Take a good look and don’t be fooled;
There’s no room in my heart
For you anymore.
Meaningless sex and
Harmful relationships
Cutting, binging, and overdosing;
Wild, extreme behavior, only crushing me and leaving me
Lonely, anxious, weary, fearful,
Hopeless, shameful, empty, angry!
The wages are always more than I bargained for.
Feeding you plenty, draining me, I’m barely alive!
Always there when I fall, I thought I needed you to survive;
But I am done giving into you!
Fixes have always been a temporary high.
I sink to a new low; makes me wanna die.
Now I’m free from you, I’m in search for something more.
Can it be peace, maybe love?
Chorus 2x
Any last words? Cause here are mine –
I refuse to be a slave to you anymore


© 2015 All Rights Reserved Tiny Tot Music / Breath of Life Records / Tony Shepperd