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Smile  Written by Natalie Cadét TinyTot Music ASCAP     back to My Journey / Smile

It is just one
One of those days
I don’t feel like
Doing anything
I am just not in the
In the mood to think
I just wanna be, I just wanna chill
I am way too tired
Too tired to care
Worrying about
What tomorrow brings
There just gotta be
Another way
To live in the now
Maybe I’ll just…
Smile and be happy
And revel in the beauty of the now
Smile and be happy
I’ve got nothing to lose either way
If I could put cash
On the times I’ve frowned
I’d be well-to-do
With a very nice house
Can only imagine
What a smile could do
Towards a future
Might as well just..(smile)
Giggle like a baby
With a real cool toy
Giddy like a lady
In a brand new dress
Like a gentleman
On his very first date
Like the air I breathe, like I will achieve
Smile and be happy
Revel in the sunshine and the rain
Smile and be happy
I’ve got nothing to lose either way
Sadness doesn’t last always
But neither does happiness
Smiling goes a long way
Towards bringing it back around
Smile and be happy
Like a rainbow up-side-down


© 2015 All Rights Reserved Tiny Tot Music / Breath of Life Records / Tony Shepperd