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Trip  Written by Natalie Cadét and Reggie Hamilton TinyTot Music & Hamiltone Music ASCAP     back to My Journey / Trip

Jumped in my ride and turned the dial
To something nice on the radio
The window’s down, my hair is flowing free
No one allowed, it’s only me,
I left all drama back at home
I don’t know where, don’t care, roads calling me right now
So I gotta go
Time to take a trip
A drive around my head
Tuning out the world
So I can enjoy the ride instead
So many things for me to see
And they’re all looking back at me
A little bird, two bees, a shady tree,
The sun
Two lovers smile as I’m rolling by
Holding hands and touching toes
They’re in a dream, it seems
A mellow place to be
I wanna go
Ride, ride, ride, ride
Oh ride, ride, ride, ride


© 2015 All Rights Reserved Tiny Tot Music / Breath of Life Records / Tony Shepperd