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Unrequited Love  Written by Natalie Cadét and Tony Shepperd TinyTot Music ASCAP, FatherOfFour ASCAP     back to My Journey / Unrequited Love

In my view, I found you
Oh, what could I do
When you turned around and looked at me and smiled
When you speak, I get weak,
Your voice is so deep
And the charm in your smile just drives me wild
Pre Chorus
I fell for you that instant, and it was from that moment
That you became the object of my fantasy
Since then, it’s never faded, though not reciprocated
My love for you gets deeper every time I look into your eyes
Like a picture perfect scene
You’re the love of my dreams
Like Hepburn and Tracy, true love never dies
Something about you I can’t resist
How I long for our first kiss
My desire for you
Will never go away
Pre Chorus
I fear my hopes and dreams as perfect as they seem
I know that somehow it would only turn to dust.
Cause when I speak my feelings, and stop my heart from concealing
The secret that I treasure most of all, you’ll no longer be mine.
Interlude translation
I know you don’t see me, but I see you
I know you’re my true love and you’ll always be
If only you knew how much I think about you.
If you only knew.
Pre Chorus
But this romantic notion, is such a fools devotion
To something that will never be reality
So I will put them back in the jar, it’s safer that way
My hopes and dreams won’t see the light of day
Forever tucked away
So I’ll live in my world of
Unrequited Love, Unrequited Love
Oh Unrequited Love, Unrequited Love
Unrequited Love, Unrequited Love
Oh Unrequited Love, Unrequited Love
Postlude translation
I’ve adored you from afar,
And I just can’t imagine my life without you.
One day I’ll be able to tell you how much I love you.
Until that day, my heart is yours.


© 2015 All Rights Reserved Tiny Tot Music / Breath of Life Records / Tony Shepperd